Foto/Photo: documenta fifteen, 2022

Bowl nasi

Client: documenta fifteen
RADETZ x WIEZOREK DOCUMENtA FIfTEEN: The most obvious characteristic of the porcelain bowl nasi is the prominent surface structure. An endless thread of porcelain is placed on each other layer-wise, it formulates the volume of the vessel and allows us to recognize the act of manufacturing in a delightful way. The three variations of the bowl are produced with a 3d-printing technology using a soft porcelain paste. • There is no need for plaster molds; material wastes and additional working steps are avoided. • We use German-French porcelain bodies with short delivery routes. • With a final firing temperature around 1250°C, highly resilient vessels are created that are technologically ambitious and yet poetic.
The manufacturing process of the rice bowl nasi is very efficient concerning resources and energy:: • Power from renewable energy sources is used. • We produce in small runs ‚on demand‘ and locally. • Porcelain rice bowl • 3d-printed in Berlin • Limited edition
In Cooperation with Babette Wiezorek: ADDITIVE ADDICTED