Foto/Photo: documenta fifteen, 2022

Notebook documenta fifteen

I was asked to design a feasible notebook for documenta fifteen that was as sustainable as possible. At first I thought: “How hard could that be?”, but immediately realized that there was a lot to consider. I quickly found a great partner around the corner in Ralf from the Lokay printing company, who manages to produce in the Blauer Engel standard. With all the design options, I simply created the notebook that I personally liked the most and would love to use myself. Ralf showed me different papers. Thereby, we came across an upcycled paper made from paper cups. A good option for the cover of the book. After sifting through the CoffeCup Paper from Germany, I wanted the whole notebook to be made from this beautiful paper. Once produced, CoffeeCup Paper can be recycled at least six more times. The result is a notebook, produced regionally according to the highest standards in a resource- saving and friendly manner. The format 17x24 cm makes optimal use of the printed sheet. Please keep in mind to remove the rubber band before recycling.

Client: documenta fifteen